Matthew Mabry


Kristen D'Agostino

Wedding Party

Kaitlyn Bartfay

Maid of Honor

The sister that I never had! Kaitlyn and I always dreamt of living together and after 28 years, we finally made that dream come true. What else we dreamt about as kids is getting married and standing next to each other (with the height difference and all) as we marry the love of our lives. Kaitlyn has always been my voice of reason, biggest supporter, best friend and my partner in crime. I love you and I love doing life with you!!!

Kirstin Mandakis


The other sister I never had! Kirstin and I grew up as trouble makers together and now the name has been left with just me! Kirstin is the mother to an adorably perfect baby girl, Elizabeth, and I love seeing her grow into the most amazing mother! I loved supporting you on your big day and I can't wait for you to do the same for me!

Ashley Mabry Arms


From day one, Ashley has welcomed me into the family with open arms. I can't wait to officially join the fam! You and your little family has really set the bar and I can't wait for you to watch Matt and I grow a family of our own!

Liz D'Agostino


Sisters by marriage, best friends by choice. Liz was the best thing that ever happen to my brother, Kevin! Her amazing smile and positive attitude changed my family's life when she entered into my brother's life. I was so honored to stand by you on your big day and I can't wait for you to stand by me.

Kelly Masters


From Craigslist killer to Bridesmaid. Wow - you'd think there'd be a lifetime movie on us. We came into each other's lives at such a perfect time, I was moving from NYC and she was looking for a roommate as weird as her. There has absolutely never been a dull moment in our friendship and I thank you every day for keeping my sanity. Move back to ATL - we have a wedding to plan.

Lesley Duckworth


We are life twins and I love every minute of it. The most exciting life event for us to share is us planning our weddings together. From all our weird, unspeakable times in NYC to our adulting days in ATL, you don't judge me for anything and always my biggest supporter. I can't wait for us to enter our next chapters together.

Jordan Blum


My child! I don't care how old we are I will still call you 'Little.' You are one of my favorite people in the world and bring me so much happiness. I love watching you grow into the most amazing person and I can't say 'I do' without your excited and happy self. I can't wait to see everything you accomplish little one, you are a rockstar!

Taylor Moran

Best Man

Andrew Pharaoh


Andy Naler


Kevin D'Agostino


Garrett Arms


Asa Hazelwood


Michael Fromke


Carolyn MacLaren