Matthew Mabry


Kristen D'Agostino

Matthew Mabry and Kristen D'Agostino

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Our Story

We're millennials...we met on a dating app and we haven't looked back. Only to make fun of Kristen for using navigation to get to the bar for our 'first drink' but her actually showing up to the wrong bar next door.

In October 2017, how every love story begins, Matt and Kristen became "official" while being the only two left at a halloween party that we knew no one, we made it official while dressed like Men 'n Black and an alien. Little did we know we'd soon have an alien of our own--Pebbles. Pebbles joined our little family in April 2018 completing our family of 4.

2019 really has been the best year yet. We bought our first townhome together and realized we can monitor all our ridiculous Amazon purchases. On October 6th, while taking Mabry family photos, Matt got down on one knee and asked Kristen the easiest question of them all. For those who know Kristen, she hates surprises and catches on to everything, she was BLOWN away when Matt kept this HUGE secret from her. And of course, SHE SAID YES!

Finally, on November 21, 2020, we can't wait to celebrate our love with everyone we love and adore and finally get to start our next chapter together!

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